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We were commissioned by this world-renowned chamber orchestra 

to create an evaluation report for submission to the German Foreign Ministry. The subject of the report was a comparative study and evaluation of their community programme Future Lab Tunisiawhich had evolved from a similar ground breaking programme in their home base of Bremen: Future Lab Bremen. (Zukunftslabor)

Our connection with the Japan Philharmonic goes back more than 15 years.  Together we established some of the first community programmes in Japan and have sustained collaborations with organisations such as Mori Building, Suntory Hall, Mori Contemporary Art Museum, and including many partnerships with schools and boards of education.  Considerable emphasis was given to the creation of programmes for communities in Tohoku following the earthquake disaster in 2011.

In addition to its extensive programme of community workshops,  2020 will include a new initiative working with children with special educational needs (SEN) in the JPO's home base of Suginami (Tokyo).

The International Masters Program for Managers brings together experienced managers, executives and entrepreneurs from around the world to acquire the latest in management thinking from more than 50 professors at five business schools. We will contribute to their module The Collaborative Mindset

Planned to coincide with the Olympics Games in 2020, the NHK Symphony Orchestra has planned a performance of The Ark; a specially commissioned oratorio by the composer Jörg Widmann for the opening of the magnificent concert hall in Hamburg, the Elbphilharmonie.  The performance will take place at Suntory Hall (Tokyo), and will mark itsJapanese premiere.

We have been commissioned to design and deliver a special public workshop prior to the performance which will explore different aspects of the composition's genesis.

2020 will mark our first collaboration with the New National Theatre (Tokyo) in which we will be helping them devise and implement a long term strategy for their new social programme.

Another long term collaborative partnership,  With Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall  this year, in addition to family-focussed workshops ,we will be extending our research and development programme for the training of teachers in more effective classroom music provision. For this we will partner with Tokyo Gakugei University; a specialist teacher training college

We are delighted to have been approached by the Cognitive Psychology Department of Tokyo University to devise an intensive music programme specifically for their faculty.  This will occur annually.


some particularly significant collaborations

For almost 3 years we worked alongside the production team of this Oscar winning animated film of Sergei Prokofief's famous musical tale, Peter and the Wolf  to create a unique education resource which accompanied every performance.

For 7 years we advised and implemented the design and content of this prestigious corporate learning award ceremony. We were fortunate to work alongside some of the leading proponents of the theories around intellectual capital and knowledge leadership, including, Leif Edvinsson, Otto Scharmer, Hans Rosling, Sugata Mitra, and many others

Unilever were one of our fist clients and for them we created a training programme for their brand teams which gave them important practical insights in how to leverage the use of sound strategically in the whole brand environment.  This was first delivered in the UK, and we went on to deliver the same programme to their colleagues in Japan.

EY invited us to co-design and deliver  to their business development team in Japan an intensive, context-based, training programme exploring 'disruptive innovation', illustrating this by drawing parallels between the worlds of business and the arts.

This year long rebranding exercise for the BSI involved creating an ongoing exchange between artists and research scientists in order for both to explore the differences and similarities in their respective practice.  The outcome was an exhibition held at the Glasgow Science Centre, in which all exhibits were derived from their interactions.  The exhibition was held as part of the European Congress of Immunology

Working alongside the acclaimed Noh performer Noboru Yasuda, we created an original  and impactful initiative, combining traditional Japanese theatre  and contemporary Western music practices in order to complement their executive leadership training programme, XEF Premium..

Deutsche Bank commissioned us to evaluate one of their long standing community sponsorships in which they collaborated with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  This short innovative film, created as part  of the evaluation process, secured future financial stability for the programme.

As a way of marking the multi billion dollar merger between these two pharmaceutical giants, we were commissioned to symbolise this union in a way that would engage with all attendees at their first joint.conference in Prague.  Our brief was to reflect the spirit of the conference', which bore the title, The Powner of Two.  The result was a workshop for 200 delegates from 27 different countries during which all contributed to the creation of a company anthem which was recordeid and presented as a DVD on the following morning.

The Center for the Study of the Creative EconomyIon held its inaugural seminar under the title of 'The quintessential qualities of Japan when viewed from without' (世界から見た本の真髄). Alongside the Japanese Minister for Culture, we were invited to speak about the effectiveness of the arts as an effective, multi-purpose learning tool..

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